Coaching Packages For The Agricultural Entrepreneur


  1. Any person who wants to break out of the “golden handcuffs” of their current career and lacks the faith and/or courage to do so.
  2. Any person who has woke up in the city and wonders how that happened.
  3. Any person who longs to work in agriculture, to move to the country or to start their own farm.
  4. Any person who is in the beginning stages of starting their agricultural service business and needs to know how to find customers.

To quote and over-quoted cliche, coaching “is a marathon not a sprint.” Please come into this relationship knowing that we are going to go through a process that is designed to get you to the life you are seeking. Ultimately, I seek the answers you are seeking, but it might take a little time to figure out what the questions are. I will spend time finding out what it is you are really seeking. Think big picture, not small. Once we understand your big goals, we can come up with methods to get you there.

I would love to meet with you in person each and every time we speak. However, if you do not live in Idaho and I am not in your region that might not be plausible. So, telephone, SKYPE, ZOOM, email, etc. are all available to help us reach your goals.



In this 2-3 hour conversation with Matt you will have the opportunity to ask specific questions about marketing, potential markets and innovative ideas. Matt’s entire library of experience, education and self-study is at your disposal. The purpose of this package is to speed up the transition that you are seeking. Matt has spent years educating himself and getting experience the hard way. In this conversation he saves you the time he has already spent learning, experimenting and reading by helping you hone your focus on specific goals and stumbling blocks. Matt also brings the experience from all of the business owners that he has personally interviewed. The goal of this package is to save you money by getting you started in your business faster, maximizing revenues quicker and pushing you past the “wait until it is perfect” mindset.




The Cultivation Package process is a comprehensive 30 day process of one-on-one Career and Life Planning. In these four sessions of approximately 2 hours you will be challenged with practical exercises that are designed to take you out of your comfort zone and cause growth. The end goal of the Cultivation Package is that you GROW! We want you to believe in yourself in ways that you never have before. We want you to develop new perspectives and see the world differently. Matt will share his experience of leaving the “security” of a steady, government job with a pension to show you that you can make it on your own.

We will re-define “Success”, making sure that we include lifestyle, happiness, family success and self-fulfillment in the equation that so often focuses on salary and material wealth. Prepare to have old paradigms challenged and to see the world in a different way!