OFI 300: Supporting Agriculture With Free Consulting, Lesson Plans, Educational Materials And Research | Doctor Frank Hardin | Noble Research Institute




The people and organizations you encounter through agriculture are probably unparalleled in any other sector of our economy.  The number of people deriving their income from agriculture continues to sink, but the impacts of those in this way of life are felt everywhere.

For some people the impacts of their contributions to agriculture are felt long after their time on Earth is completed.  That is true for a gentleman named Lloyd Noble.  After living through the Dust Bowl and seeing the importance of improving agricultural practices he established the Noble Research Institute, formally the Noble Foundation.  This organization is 100% devoted towards improving agriculture by helping others to excel in this chosen field.

Our guest today is Dr. Frank Hardin, Phd, the educational outreach manager of the Noble Research Institute.  He helps us explore the breadth of what the Noble Research Institute offers to America and the rest of the world.  From educational materials in agriculture to free consulting to research to instructional videos and more, the Noble Research Institute is at the forefront of improving agriculture throughout the world.


Click on the photo below to contact the Noble Research Institute and Dr. Hardin:

Dr. Hardin’s Email: cfhardin@noble.org

Dr. Hardin’s Telephone: (580) 224-6215

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