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Today’s interview has a lot of different layers.  Our guest, James McKendree, is a Marine (no longer on active duty), a lay pastor and a business owner.  His grandparents started a windmill business in Texas in the 1960’s.  When James left the military he took the business over.

During the time that James was learning the windmill business he discovered a demand that was not being filled.  People were asking for ceiling fans made from or to look like windmills.  James decided to pursue this new aspect of the business and “Windmill Ceiling Fans Of Texas” was born.

Today James has figured out how to make these fans work, and how to specify them to his customer’s requests.  He got a head start from a woman who had read his website and liked his story so much that she bought two fans from him before he was even finished with his first prototype.  He has learned a lot since going into business for himself, but he never stops trying to learn.


EMBRACE FAILURE: Don’t go looking to fail, but understand that there will be failures along the way.  Do not get discouraged by the failures.  Understand they are just part of the business, and be excited for what you will learn from them.

IMPROVEMENT MINDSET: James has an “improvement mindset”.  He is always looking to make things better.  You should do the same.

STUDY: Study your market and get to know it better than anyone else.


GET IN MOTION: Do not wait around until everything is perfect.  Get to 70% of perfect and then go forward!


I actually did not ask James this question because we were talking forever!  However, there is no question from listening to him that he is a planner and this contributes to his success.



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