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Our guest today could only be better suited for this show if he said “I listened to your podcast and this is what I did”!

Nick McCormack has done everything that we suggest if you want to farm or ranch, and he is making it work.  He did it before he ever heard of Off-Farm Income, but this is exactly what we advise.  Nick and his wife are originally from Washington State where he used to compete as a bull rider.  When the bull riding was over for Nick, he and his wife knew they wanted to ranch….but where?

They set their priorities just right for folks who want to ranch….land first.  They found this land in a rural part of Texas and purchased it.  By putting their business of ranching first, they purchased a place that gave them best chance of being successful.

Next came the off-farm income.  This was going to be needed to make this work.  Nick was interested in making things from leather and just dove in.  He started practicing at night and trying to make an item.  Soon he was developing a talent and skill for leatherwork and producing products that he could sell.  This led to custom orders, trade shows and a line of products.

This, is a great story!


FULLY BELIEVE: You’ve got to fully believe in what you are doing. So when times get tough you will hang on and know what you are doing is right.

GIVE IT A CHANCE: Don’t give up too soon.  Give your idea and enterprise a chance to succeed.

DIVE IN: If you are going to do it, don’t just put a toe in the water.  Dive in!


SET GOALS: Set goals for yourself and make sure they are reachable and achievable.


MORNING RITUAL: Nick has a morning ritual that helps him be successful.  He gets all of the chores done before his workday in the leather shop begins.  That way he can focus fully on pleasing his customers.



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