OFI 360: How To Serve The Pork Industry Applying Epoxy To Barn Floors | Eric Guy | Epoxy Solutions & Repair




If you have ever watched Mike Rowe’s show, Dirty Jobs, than you will have a smile on your face listening to our guest today.  Eric Guy, the owner of Epoxy Solutions and Repair in Lake Wilson, Minnesota would not be afraid to be on that show.  Just 10 short months ago Eric was exposed to the business of resurfacing floors in pig barns with epoxy.  It is a dirty job that requires you to work in a foul smelling barn and be around maggots and manure.  But somebody needs to do it, and Eric is that person.

Due to unforeseen circumstances the employer that Eric was working for in the beginning of 2017 was no longer able to continue taking on jobs.  Eric liked what he had been doing and saw the opportunity.  So, he took up the reigns and started his own business.

Eric’s business took off at a faster pace than he expected.  He has now learned that the busy time of year for this business is during the winter.  So, he is anticipating a very busy winter and growing this business in the months to come.


FAMILY SUPPORT: To do this business Eric suggests that your significant other have a realistic view of what you will smell like when you get home from a hog barn.  Having worked in hog barns myself, I can say that is absolutely true!

GET DIRTY: If this is the business you are considering, you had better be ready to get dirty!

METICULOUS: To succeed in this business you need to be meticulous.  If concrete is worn down to aggregate, you had better fix that before you apply the epoxy.


GETTING RICH: An old man in a bathroom randomly told Eric, “don’t get rich off of one, get rich off of a hundred of them”, basically stating to take your time and build your business correctly.


GO: Eric told me that his personal habit is that he “wakes up and goes”.  So, get out of bed and get after it!


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