OFI 365: How To Win An American Star Award When Your Chickens Come Home To Roost | FFA SAE Edition | Chrysta Beck | Pettisville High School FFA



Today’s guest has just become the 2017 American Start Winner in Agriscience….her name is Chrysta Beck!  Now I know that agriscience is a little outside the scope of small business in agriculture, but I just could not resist.

After interviewing Chrysta for National FFA and learning about the amazing things she was doing in agriscience, I knew that I needed to share her with all of you as well.  

I conducted this interview with Chrysta prior to the national convention.  So, in the interview you will be able to tell that we still do not know that she is going to be the winner.  However, you can tell by the content of the interview that she has a really good shot at it!

Chrysta has taken her interest in chickens to a whole new level with research in high school and now college.  As a matter of fact she moved all the way from Ohio to Mississippi to attend Mississippi State University just to study chickens.  I can’t want to see what she does in the future.

Congratulations to you Chrysta and I’m thrilled to have you on the show!


HIGH SCHOOL: Pettisville High School; Pettisville, Ohio

MASCOT: Black Birds

FFA ADVISOR: John Poulson


Click on the picture below to be taken to the Pettisville High School Ag. Department’s website:

Chrysta’s FFA Advisor’s Email Address: jpoulson@pettisvilleschools.org

Pettisville High School’s Telephone Number: 419.446.2705


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