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In the intro to the podcast I always talk about using the skills you need to farm successfully to bring in income from off of the farm.  Our guest today, Cam Pauli, does just that.  The carpentry skills that Cam has and uses on he and his wife’s farm have turned into a business that allows him to farm more effectively and be home when he needs to be.

Cam has started Pauli & Sons Building Company.  During the building season he works in residential construction and hopes to be a custom home builder on his own in the future.  When the season slows down he builds old time farm furniture and cabinets which are beautiful.

Cam and his wife started their entrepreneurial journey going full force into farming with a CSA and farmers markets.  They realized that they wanted the farm for their lifestyle and for the way they want to raise their children.  Cam saw a lot of risk in trying to be 100% self-sufficient with just farming, and he thought that it might not make for a sustainable lifestyle.  So, he decided to keep the farm and farm more for subsistence and some sales off of the farm.  But he switched their main income source to entrepreneurship in order to provide more security.  

It is a fascinating story, and I think you will enjoy it.

PATIENCE: Cam says to have a lot!  Cam and his wife waited for two years before they finally got their farm.  I can attest to that.  It took a long time for us to get ours as well.

EXPERIMENT: Cam suggests experimenting on the side with business ideas before you abandon your day job and count on the idea working.  We call this bootstrapping and advocate for this as well.

MENTORS: Cam highly suggests finding mentors.  There are people in your life already and in your community that can give you good advice and help you see when you are going wrong.

READ……READ, READ: Don’t ever stop learning.


PROBLEM SOLVING: Cam likes to look at complex problems and then solve them.  So, when a problem comes up, like they naturally do in business, Cam does not get discouraged.  He just gets to work solving it.


“Be The Best By Giving The Most!”


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