The Profitable SAE Student Workbook

Sample Of “The Profitable SAE”

I created “The Profitable SAE” after speaking with many FFA Advisors who all expressed the same thing about helping their students with entrepreneurship and agribusiness supervised agricultural experiences – “I am a teacher, not a business owner and there are not enough resources to help me teach business concepts to my students.”

“The Profitable SAE” was created with the FFA student in mind.  It outlines multiple different marketing methods for a product or service, and each of these marketing methods are totally free.  I have used each one of these methods in my own business.  And, in the 100+ interviews that I have conducted on the Off-Farm Income Podcast, I have learned from my guests how they are using these methods.

You Should Purchase This Workbook (Here are 3 reasons why):

  • You are an FFA Advisor, and you need resources from proven business professionals to help your students be successful
  • You are the parent of an FFA student who wants to start their own business or sell products in FFA
  • You are a person who supports agriculture and can donate copies of this workbook to your local FFA chapter or chapters

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