OFI 304: Are Your Farm Products Diversified | FFA SAE Edition | Kinsey Tiemann | Palmyra High School FFA




Anyone who has ever looked into investing their money somewhere has heard that you need to be diversified.  There are many ways to accomplish this, but the concept is that you spread your risk among many different categories so that if one sector is bad it does not wipe you out.

Our guest today has taken this concept and applied it to her agricultural pursuits.  Kinsey Tiemann is growing fruit (apples, peaches, cherries and blackberries) and selling them.  In addition to being diversified in her fruit production she is diversified in other products as well. She also raises beef and sheep all while maintaining a flock of laying hens and selling their eggs.  

I suspect that Kinsey just really likes raising animals and growing fruit, but she has really spread her risk out well in the process.  Through all of this she has developed her business – “Square Rooted”.  Great name!

SUPERVISED AGRICULTURAL EXPERIENCE: Diversified Agricultural Production

HIGH SCHOOL: Palmyra High School; Palmyra, Missouri

MASCOT: Panthers

FFA ADVISOR: Luke Mahsman & Amanda Haeberlin


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