OFI 354: How To Start An Agricultural Website And Live Wherever You Want | Jeff Schroeder | Livestockjudging.com




Our guest today grew up on a farm near San Antonio, Texas and his parents gave him some pretty normal advice – go to college and get a degree that you can make good money with.  So, Jeff Schroeder set out to get his degree in engineering.  While he was at college he was working a job that allowed him some free time.  In that free time he began playing a game about horse racing.  This caused him to have an epiphany, and he started building his own online game about show cattle.

This original game went through a few iterations until it finally became showcattle.com.  Jeff found some surprising success with this game when he realized that he would have to charge for it or shut it down.  His members said they would gladly pay to be able to access it.  Then one night, while watching the comedy movie “Best In Show” Jeff realized that he could make the same site but for dog shows.  Showdog.com was born at that moment.

As time went on and Jeff reflected on his own experiences showing farm animals he had an idea to improve upon a service other people were already attempting to provide.  He developed livestockjudging.com and started teaching students how to judge show animals with online videos.


IDEAS DO NOT EQUAL BUSINESSES: When you have an idea that is a good start.  But an idea by itself is essentially just a dream.  You have to take action to turn an idea, even a good one, into a business.

CODE: Jeff is adamant that you should learn to code.  Through his experience what he has realized is that there is big demand for a person who knows how to code and also understands agriculture because there are very few people that can do both.

DIFFERENT: Set yourself apart and don’t do what everyone else is doing.  Find something unique and pursue that.


Jeff makes a habit of giving things away for free. When it comes to content marketing and building an online presence it is important to not always be taking.  By giving information and content away for free you are building relationships and filling your sales funnel



Jeff’s email: jeff@cattle.com


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